Perfect Lines

Asquan has just added full-service liners to their line-up!

We are pleased to announce our first offerings of full-service products, a family of liquid eyeliners with tank system. Introducing our Perfect Lines collection.

Utilizing Japanese raw materials and made in France, these eyeliners come with full compatibility reports, short lead times, and a low MOQ. The products chosen have been formulated according to European, US, Japanese, and Chinese standards for a perfect line every time.

These liners come in two body styles, both with a 0.55 milliliter tank. The sleek and minimalist Classic body with clean, straight lines and the ergonomically charged Luxe liner with wider body and flat plane for a superior hold.

The Perfect Lines collection comes in two different formulations, Carbon Black and Carbon Black Free. Both formulations are smudge-proof, sweat resistant, water resistant, and long-lasting.  Both are free of parabens, phenoxy alcohol, D4/D5/D6 ingredients, and the Carbon Black Free formula is free of nano particles and is free of blacklist ingredients.

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