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Easy Recycling. Easy Refilling. Easy Airless.

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Redefining “easy” has never been…well, easier…until now. True to its name, Asquan's Easy Airless delivers the sought-after airless pump experience with an almost impossibly simple disassembly AND refillable structure that can also be made in PCR materials. Key parts need only a twist for removal or replacement. 

Want to recycle? Easy!

With all mono-material parts except the pump, simply unscrew the pump head and the remaining parts can go directly into your recycle bins. That way you're guaranteeing it will be properly handled at recycling facilities.

Want to refill? Easy!

Just unscrew the empty cartridge from the base then twist in the new refill cartridge and reuse the base and overcap. Giving packaging a longer life is the best way to reduce the impact plastic has on the environment, further enhancing its sustainability.

Want to be even more sustainable? Easy!

Choose PCR material for your Easy Airless. If it's recyclable, refillable, and made with recycled materials, you can't get a more environmentally friendly solution.

Who said “easy” was too good to be true? For us, Easy Airless is too good not to be true! Get in contact now!

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