Sustainable Splendor: Meet Asquan's New Line of Refillable Glass Packs

  • Asquan Group

Glass is often associated with luxury brands in the personal care market, but due to its weight and the amount of energy needed to recycle it, it is also known to be on the less sustainable side of the packaging industry. The material itself has a high-end and sophisticated appearance that can enhance the perceived value of the product and is often used to convey a sense of quality and elegance. Naturally, brands seeking to be both sustainable and luxurious tend to find themselves in a bit of a conundrum.

Asquan Group has made it its mission to reconcile these seemingly opposite aspects. Glass is a durable material that provides protection, is less prone to scratches, dents, or warping, and ensures that the product remains in pristine condition. All of these qualities make it a fantastic choice for refillable packs—a more durable container that can be used over and over again while replacing inner pods and chambers that are lighter and easily recyclable.

The answer is clear: Elevate your beauty routine with Asquan's new sustainable refillable glass line. This eco-friendly approach combines luxury with responsibility, offering a rechargeable system housed in exquisite glass containers. Interested in learning more? Visit our booth (D170) at Paris PCD on the 17th and 18th of January, or contact us directly to explore our extensive catalog of sustainable solutions.

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