Skincare or Loose Powder? Serving Both, Asquan's SKLP Takes Over the Shelves

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S.K.L.P. Skincare or loose powder. A new addition to our Asquan Standard lineup has hit the shelves! This sleek refillable jar gives you the power to choose. Need a refillable skincare jar or a refillable loose powder jar? The SKLP is both.

With a simple and intuitive refill ability, this one jar gives you the best of both worlds. The SKLP can hold either 30ml of skincare product or 10g of loose powder in one sleek little jar. Simply pop out the used inner jar and snap in a fresh one. Which one fits your line the best? You decide! The same jar is transformed from one to the other by adding a sifter; reducing tooling and raw materials, which makes SKLP highly sustainable.

It is also made with styrene-free PET material that can be made with PCR, and most parts can be recycled (the sifter and liner will need to be removed).

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